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Feb 2024


This is India's time for insurance growth

The 17th India Rendezvous took place in January and saw some 800 delegates from 42 countries make their way to India’s shores. This year showcased the interest that the global insurance industry has in the world’s most populous nation.

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Winning at IFRS17

No country was faster to implement the IFRS17 accounting standard than South Korea.

Engineering out data centre risk to boost sustainability

Knowing where and how businesses are most vulnerable can help data centre operators direct the appropriate financial and technical resources to where they are needed.

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AI can breathe new life into Singapore insurance

The use of AI is transforming the auto insurance industry by simplifying claims processes. AI-driven computer vision systems are leading these improvements while providing insurers with increased assessment accuracy.

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Claiming a critical role in insurance

The Singapore College of Insurance kicked off the year with its first event, the SCI Claims Forum 2024.

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