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May 2024


Actuarial skills expected to evolve amid AI and automation

Actuaries will need to adapt and upgrade skills in roles that are likely to be affected by automation and AI.

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Lifetime of an actuarial model

Actuarial models are the backbone of any life insurance company. The output from actuarial models is used for regulatory valuations, capital calculations, financial reporting, risk management and many other strategic purposes.

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Actuaries can use AI and probabilistic thinking to assess climate risk

Climate risk is an example of a known unknown, where the insurance industry recognises it but is still learning how to manage it.

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Growing the actuarial profession and retaining talent

Sri Lanka has few homegrown actuaries and those who qualify every year find better opportunities beyond its shores.

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Building a talent pipeline for actuaries in Asia

In Asia today, actuaries help insurance companies, banks and businesses steer through choppy waters by figuring out risks and making smart decisions.

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