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Jul 2024


Biodiversity risks in APAC call for parametric insurance solutions

When it comes to events related to biodiversity loss risks, parametrics could offer protection in areas traditional insurers may find uninsurable.

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How insurance can contribute to sustainability

Sustainability could lead to more resilient societies in terms of ageing populations and climate issues.

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Sri Lankan insurers address climate change and resilience

Sri Lanka faces significant risks from climate change. These environmental challenges necessitate a robust response from the insurance sector with an increasing focus on ESG principles to mitigate these risks.

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APAC insurers prioritise ESG in underwriting

Climate and other ESG-related risks are especially pronounced in Asia, which is poised to become the world’s largest insurance market.

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China's first biodiversity insurance cover

China has made significant progress in promoting biodiversity conservation in the country and also issued its first biodiversity insurance cover.

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Biodiversity and the case for insurance and resilience

The world is losing biodiversity at a rapid pace. This loss leads to both glaring and not-so-visible impacts. It threatens global food security, leads to the spread of unknown infectious diseases, and more.

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Collective insurance solutions for a collective problem

The (re)insurance industry has been working on finding solutions to the climate crisis for the past decade, with varying degrees of success.

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